Salerno Sports Hall Official Opening Ceremony 26 April 2018
03 May 2018
A dream of more than 20 years was at last realised as Salerno officially opened its new Sports Hall on Thursday April 26th. The Salerno Community was honoured to receive a blessing from his Most Revered Bishop of Galway, Brendan Kelly as he joined with member of the Le Chéile trustees, members of the Board of Management, staff, students and parents to celebrate this very special day for the school. Salerno can now provide a full PE programme onsite for the school’s 675 students in accordance with Department guidelines, as opposed to having students travel off campus to other facilities. The Salerno Sports Hall allows the school the opportunity to train many of the school’s sports teams and individual competitors and it facilitates and encourages participation in physical activity among the students and staff. The school community is extremely thankful to everyone who helped realise the dream by taking part in fundraising over the years. Sincere thanks to all who donated and sponsored prizes for their events and to everyone who gave so freely of their time and talents. Their combined efforts over the years have helped make the sports hall a reality.