TY Atlantaquarium Trip
19 Mar 2019
Atlantaquarium trip - last Wednesday the TY’s had a morning of investigation and dissection at the Galway Atlantaquarium, they were given a guided tour where they learned about our native fresh water and saltwater fish and other marine life. They got to feed salmon and mullet. They were also taught about the marine environment and how we all need to be responsible in the protection and sustainability of the natural habitat that is on our doorstep. After that they got a chance to dissect a Californian squid. This species is in plentiful supply so there was no danger of crashing the population from our budding environmentalists. They got to see the tentacles, the eye, the beak, their three hearts, gills and ink sack. The dissected squid were then collected for later feeding to the fish. Some of the TY girls took a leaf from their Be Brave mantra and got to touch the rays in the large pool along with shark and flat fish