Our Lady's, Terenure
TY: What's on Next Week
27 Nov 2020
TY: What's on Next Week Well done to our B4 and L4 hikers, who completed their 5.5km hike on the Fairy Castle loop in Ticknock on Wednesday. Some photos attached from our resting points. A big congratulations to all our students on completing their mid year interview. This is a good time for your daughter to reflect on her progress and see if there is anything she needs to work on before we complete the end of year interviews in May. Please see some notices for the week ahead. 1. On Monday at 13:22 there will be a talk from Dr. David Robinson via zoom. This was arranged for the girls participating in the St. James' Hospital project but Dr. Robinson has agreed to speak to the non Rec Studies classes at that time also. There is a room change for P4 and the students involved in the project who have Rec Studies at the time will be attending the talk with Ms. Phillips. All details are on the google classroom. 2. Amelia Blanchfield Ryan has organised a wonderful timetable of WebSummit talks Thursday and Friday. The talks are between 5 - 15 mins long so will not take any full class (ie: All homework and materials must still be brought to all classes). Please see link for more details: https://websummit.com/ 3. A reminder that the Knithathon is being extended into December to give the students more time to finish off their scarves and hats. Please encourage your daughter to have her scarf completed and handed in on time. Our Lady's has always been a fantastic community for getting involved with charity and giving back to our local and larger community. This year that is more challenging so it is great to get as many as possible involved. 4. A reminder that all outstanding TY year costs have to be paid on easy payments. As we prepare to exit level 5, this gives us more opportunity to get involved in activities outside the school. These activities will be paid for from this payment.