Bandon Grammar School
Sailing - Munster Schools Team Racing
31 Mar 2019
REPORT BY OISIN MACALLISTER There are a lot of sailors in Bandon Grammar and we decided to gather together and enter the first ever Bandon Grammar team into the Munster Schools Team Racing Championship in Schull. Once the word was out, we managed to create 2 teams of 6 sailors - 3 helms and 3 crews. With no coach, teacher or parent to give guidance or input we concluded that two A/B teams would be fairer than deciding on an A and a B, so skills were combined to give every sailor an even opportunity to achieve their best at the event. There were 7 schools competing with 13 teams and we were up against schools that had been team racing in this competition for many years and had been training in preparation. We had some talented sailors in our teams but had never competed together in Team Racing, but we had all done a lot of fleet racing. The difference is ... ... Fleet Racing is sailors in the same type of boat competing against each other on a course. Each boat has one goal and that is to win every race. ... Team Racing is very different, and your goal is to get the entire team over the line and in the process, there are intense tactics involved to block the other team. Back to the racing. Day one of racing was in light winds and there were 52 races throughout the day. Bandon Grammar Team 1 performed well and won 4 out of 6 races, were in joint 1st and managed to get through to the Gold Fleet (the Gold fleet then goes through to the final races for extra points.) On Day 2 on the 28th of March the racing was postponed initially due to a lack of wind. We also had the stressful task of trying to get a last-minute replacement the night before for Luke Franklin after he dislocated his wrist playing in a rugby match. The sailing commenced at 10:30 with extremely light winds this meant getting a good start was vital, as once you are behind with a poor start in light winds on a short course it is hard to get on top. Bandon pulled through a difficult day and came 5th in the Gold fleet of 8, while Bandon 2 came 2nd in the Silver fleet of 5. Presentation Brothers College came 1st, Schull Sharks from Schull Community College came 2nd and Christian Brothers College came 3rd. The top 7 teams in Gold make it through to the Nationals, which will be held in Schull over the 4th and 5th of May. We have all decided to get together in April for a day's coaching and pull together our best team of sailors to go head to head with the top teams from Leinster and Connaught in May. We really want to thank Mr Coombes and Bandon Grammar for supporting us in helping to introduce sailing into the school and we are looking forward to May to compete again. BGS students participating in the event Oisin brown, Sacha Pavry, Tom Good, Tiernan Brown, Conor Aherne, Rob Carrol, Justin Lucas, Emily o Mahony, Dorothy Mathews, Rory Carrol, Luke franklin, Tiernan roe, Seraphina, Max Riome