Holy Well National School
Science Week in Ms. Connolly's 1st class
18 Nov 2022
We had such a busy and fun filled Science Week!

On Monday, Cillian’s Dad (Kevin) came in to teach us about what he does as a software engineer with Dell. We learnt all about wifi and the speed of light. We loved it so much that we even went around to the other 1st classes to share what we learned. Thank you again Kevin for a great start to our Science Week!

Later on in the day, we began learning how to code using Scratch. We chose characters and began learning how to move them.

In music, we made our own pan flutes using straws while learning that the sound from the instrument is created by air vibrating in the straw. We had fun making up our own songs when they were finished.

In maths and Gaeilge we looked at data and how to collect it using a survey.

In English, we wrote up a method on how to make elephants toothpaste. We had so much fun watching it foam up!

Mr. Allen kindly invited us over to the Senior school to look at the robots his class were learning to use. We are really looking forward to using them in our own class thanks to the brilliant teachers he had in his class!

Finally, we looked at gravity in the form of paint pendulums in art. We learned that smaller pushes of the pendulum resulted in less paint on our clothes! 

Be sure to keep an eye out for these pupils in the future as there are some budding STEM experts in the class!