Holy Well National School
Making Payments Through SHOP in App Posted : 12 July 2021 As the main banks continue to upgrade their 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security procedures it has caused some issues within the 3D Secure process for some card holders. Your bank must have a mobile number assigned to your Debit/Credit card in order to send you the OTP (one Time password) via SMS/Text Message. If your bank does not have a mobile number assigned to your card this verification process cannot be completed and you may not be able to make payment if 3D Security checks are implemented. The Unique Schools App Team are developing an option for parents to overcome some of the incorrect “Payment failed" errors being generated by the banks. You will be able to complete the payment on a desktop or laptop browser. This feature will be live within the next 2 weeks and we will notify you of this. Queries - If you are experiencing any difficulty making a payment please contact Unique Schools: Email - support@uniqueschools.ie Phone - 01 88 69458 (Monday to Friday 09:30- 16:00)