Holy Well National School
Message from the Board of Management Posted : 25 November 2021 Dear Parent/Guardian, We understand that there is some concern amongst parents and staff regarding communication about COVID 19 positive cases when there is a confirmed case of either a child or staff member in the school setting. The current guidelines and recommendations for school principals (attached) provide that: “Public Health does not recommend that you tell parents of other children that there has been a case of Covid-19 within your class/facility/group.” The guidelines further provide that: “We note that information often gets shared by certain groups (WhatsApp etc) and remind of the importance that an individual’s confidentiality is not broken by others, in line with normal GDPR requirements. It is also important that children and families do not feel targeted or pressured to release information.” As it currently stands, it is the task of the HSE to determine who are close contacts. Holy Well NS remains committed as always to the health, safety and welfare of the children and staff at the school especially so during this unprecedented pandemic in implementing the national public guidelines as recommended. We are aware that there will be changes to Public Health guidelines and procedures, particularly around the Antigen Testing programme commencing next Monday 29th November. We are awaiting Department and HSE guidelines re same, which we expect to receive tomorrow. https://11226082e68cad2bdd9a-56273bb9620e6e65d3c70d04e1470ccd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/5309_20211125140211.pdf