Holy Well National School
Reopening 6th January 2022 Posted : 05 January 2022 Dear Parent/Guardian, Happy New Year to you all. As you will be aware by now The Government has decided that all schools will reopen tomorrow 6th January. At the time of writing this note we are in a lucky position that all staff absences will be covered tomorrow so all children who are not isolating/restricting movements etc will be able to return to school. As we look to the start of a New Year I want to reassure you that we in Holy Well NS will do all we can to keep everyone in our school community safe. However, we will need the co-operation of everyone to do this. Please familiarise yourself and your child with the latest guidance and protocols re Covid-19. To this end I have attached the most up-to-date information provided to schools earlier today by the HSE. Please discuss all hygiene protocols and mask-wearing with your child also. I look forward to seeing you all again and working with you in 2022. Regards, Aidan Crowley, Principal. https://11226082e68cad2bdd9a-56273bb9620e6e65d3c70d04e1470ccd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/6927_20220105163327.pdf