Bandon Grammar School
Weekly Summary: Week 3 Sept 12th-16th Posted : 16 September 2022 Whole School Assembly: Really great to see the whole school together on Tuesday morning reiterating the importance of community and gathering together as a whole school Mentoring: 5th Year Mentors received their badges after whole school assembly and are looking forward to meeting their 1st years next week. They have already been supporting 1st years around the school and with a fun activity 2 weeks ago. History: First year's working on an archaeological site...there were many chocolate chip cookies harmed during the investigation! Form 2 Geography made Wind Vanes Form I Science: Students learned how to plan and carry out an experiment this week. Active learning in the hockey pitch was enjoyed beofre displaying their results on a graph. Art Form 1 starting their first observation drawing that will be used for a Lino Cut project in the coming weeks. Some great concentration and dedication in classes this week. Form 5 are week one into their 'self and selfie' Art project in which students will create a series of portraits and research. Some exciting work is being made in term 1.