Bandon Grammar School
Reminders of where to access support and information. Posted : 10 March 2023

Dear Parent and Guardian,

 The Junior Boys Hockey had a convincing win today with a final scoreline of 6-0 BGS V Ashton. Well done to all the players and coaches involved. It was a great lift for us all at the end of the week. 

 I want to remind everyone of points of contact that you might find useful at various times.

 If you wish to speak about your students overall academic progress or concerns, the relevant year head would be the best place to start. 







 If there is a health related matter Ms. L. Gibbs is our lead School Nurse and can be contacted at

 If there is a query on career guidance, subject choice:

 Should you have a concern about a student at BGS there is a reporting form on our website homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the page for 'Stand Up for Safety'. This form is anonymous if you wish.

 Student attendance notes can be logged at the parent app or by emailing

 School Transport 2023/2024 - please see attached correspondence from Bus Eireann. This is urgent if you need a bus ticket for school. 

 Any matters regarding school administration or students wellbeing please contact a member of the senior leadership team. Ms. E. Collins (  is Deputy Principal point of contact for Years 1-3 and Mr. D. Warren ( is Deputy Principal point of contact Years 4-6. Mr. M. Beamish is point of contact for Facilities and Finance ( and you can find me at

 A separate memo will be issued with boarding contacts.

 I hope you have a lovely weekend,