Coláiste Iascaigh
CAO Change of mind Posted : 17 June 2024

Dear Parent / Guardian and Student, 

As you know CAO change of mind facility is closing Monday 1st July at 5pm

After this time there is no way to change your CAO application. 

Therefore it is so important at this time that you have courses listed in ORDER OF PREFERENCE (i.e. the course you want to study the most as your number 1 preference). 

There are two columns (1 L8 and 1 L6&7) and you can have courses in both columns. You will be offered courses from both columns once you meet the entry requirements. 

During the State Examinations I met with students who wanted to confirm and finalise their CAO but I ask that you check with your child that they are happy with their CAO form as it stands and if not please amend it. 

I am including a video link on how to complete a CAO change of mind 

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,